Creation Goes Prime Time: Fox Business Channel Shoot


Fox Business Channel recently made a trip to the Creation Technologies Dallas Manufacturing Facility. The TV segment highlighted our company’s outstanding culture and manufacturing capabilities.


Free Technical Paper to Help You Verify the Elimination of Flux Residue


The continued miniaturization of electronic components presents a unique challenge to product reliability. One of these challenges is in processing and cleaning during assembly.

Connected Medical Devices and IoT

Healthcare’s Slice of IoT: Wirelessly Connected Medical Devices


The Internet of Things and wirelessly connected medical devices are transforming healthcare.


Product Development Secrets from the Best Designers


The only guarantee in new product development is: The product you release will be very different than the one you started with. Ensure success through DFM.

Nate Bullerman and Katie Eggert as Katie shows off her stylish footwear at LSA2014

Creativity and Innovation in Medical Product Development


Unlike LEGO, product development has no instructions, but needs expertise and an innovator’s mindset to overcome product development pitfalls.

Tips to help design engineers make a successful transition from design to manufacturing

Dec 10 Workshop: Making the Transition from Design to Manufacturing


For even the most experienced designers, Product Development can be a real challenge. We can help you make a smooth transition from Design to Manufacturing.

Take the time up front to ensure that there’s cultural and business alignment. Key to finding a good fit here are the concepts of mindshare and risk mitigation.

Risk and Mindshare (And Other Key Factors in OEM-EMS Relationships)


Over the course of my 30 years in the electronics industry, I’ve come to realize that there are other key factors in OEM-EMS relationships if they’re going to have staying power. Here are 3 of them.

Future of Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging Re-Images the Future


Digital Imaging Re-Images the Future: Imaging equipment designers are finding ways to leverage advancements in M2M and communications infrastructure to improve customer experiences.

Creation's President and CEO in ALS IceBucketChallenge

I Took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Last week I accepted an Ice Bucket Challenge to raise funds and awareness for ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, for which there is no current cure or treatment.

Smart LED Lighting Systems require Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Smart Manufacturing for Smart Lighting Systems


Smart Lighting Systems require Smart Manufacturing Solutions. Did you know? Lighting consumes almost 20% of the world’s electricity demand.